SB 200 – Screw driven platform lift. Lifting up to 13 meters high. Six stops.

SB200 vertical platform lift is the perfect solution for both private homes and public spaces, such as healthcare, education, and leisure centers. The lift is designed for people with disabilities, with a spacious platform that easily accommodates a wheelchair and an accompanying person. An audible signal and Braille-labeled buttons will help people with visual impairments to use the lift independently. The lift is also spacious and economical, and can be easily installed in various locations: both inside and outside buildings, between stairs or in an existing shaft and in an open space.


  • Spacious design
  • Affordable
  • Energy-saving technologies
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can be used in various locations
  • Customizable platform dimensions
  • Durable screw drive

The SB200 platform lift is designed to make the lives of people with mobility difficulties easier, eliminate barriers, and provide more independence.

SB200 Technical Specifications

Drive system:


Nominal load

450 kg / 5 persons

Lifting speed:

0.15 m/sec (9 m/min)

Lifting height:

Up to 13 meters

Number of stops (floors):

Up to 6

Platform dimensions (length x width, mm)

1100 x 1400

1070 x 1485

1150 x 1485

*Other dimensions available

Dimensions of the shaft (length x width, mm

1500 x 1460

1460 x 1540

1540 x 1540

*custom measurements available          

Door dimensions (width x height, mm)

900 x 2000 (when 1100 x 1400 platform)

940 x 2000* custom measurements available

Gates (width x height, mm)

900 x 1300 (when 1100 x 1400 platform)

940 x 1300

Door configuration

Opens from the right or left, up to 3 doors per stop

Shaft walls:

Steel metal or tempered glass panels

Standard colors

RAL 9006 (light grey aluminum)
* lift can be painted in any RAL color

Smooth acceleration/deceleration:

Standard equipment

Power supply:

220-230 V, 1 phase, 25A
380-400 V 3 phases, 16A, 50 or 60 Hz


2.2 kW

Noise level:

Less than 70 dB

Control system

Micro controller

Technical safety equipment

Protective edge around the platform, emergency stop buttons on the platform and in the shaft, emergency stop switches, electronic speed control, overload detectors, door opening and locking control, screw shock absorber sensors, electronic engine operation control

European standard compliance:

EN 81-41:2010,

EN 81-20:2020,

EN 81-58:2018

Panel design options