Additional safety for our lift RB150

Open Platform lift RB150 Additional Security Option*

We never stop improving our products. Security is most important thing. We invest a lot of time and effort to provide for our customers maximum comfort and a sense of security.

Depending on customer preferences, we present an additional safety feature to our open platform lift RB150. This is a “sensitive” area between the platform and the pavement. The lift’s type is open platform, situations arise that the lift is mounted between the stairs and the wall, between the walls etc. In this case, the area between the platform and the pavement is unsafe. Our engineers and electronics specialists have made this area “sensitive”:

When platform moves down, to the ground level and in the area between platform and pavement appears a minor obstacle (ball, animal, foot, etc.), the system immediately stops the movement process and triggers a pulsating buzzer that warns that there is a barrier to the platform’s access path. Until the obstacle is removed, the lift will not move down. In case of danger, system will allow to lift up the platform to top level.

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