AB 300 – Belt driven platform lift. Very quiet.

AB300 is a belt-driven vertical platform lift made of high-quality materials and designed to meet the highest level of performance and exceptional aesthetic characteristics. It is intended for use in private homes, cottages, and apartment buildings.

AB300 can be installed in an existing shaft or in its own shaft.

Up to three doors can be installed on each floor, either swinging left or right, or automatic double-leaf doors.

AB300 is extremely quiet due to the use of a belt drive system.

The illuminated two-meter-high control panel stands out for its aesthetics and modernity, and you can choose the desired design from our range. The layout and size of the control panel buttons are adapted for people with mobility or visual impairments.

In the event of a power outage, the lift operation is guaranteed by a backup power source.


AB300 lift technical features:

  • Flexible design: AB300 can be installed in a variety of locations, including private homes, cottages, and apartment buildings. Additional design options will allow you to customize the lift to your environment and needs.
  • Compactness: AB300 takes up a small space and saves space in your home or business.
  • High level of safety: AB300 has a number of safety features that will ensure a smooth ride.
  • Smooth start/stop system: AB300 has a smooth start/stop system that minimizes the risk of discomfort for passengers.
  • Durable belt drive: AB300 uses a durable belt drive that ensures long-term reliable operation.

AB300 technical specifications:

Drive system:


Nominal load

450 kg / 5 persons

Lifting speed:

0.15 m/sec (9 m/min)

Lifting height:

Up to 15 meters

Number of stops (floors):

Up to 6  meter

Well depth:


Platform dimensions (length x width, mm)

1140 x 1480

1064 x 1480

1100 x 1400

1064 x 1400

Dimensions of the shaft (length x width, mm

1530 x 1530

1454 x 1530

1490 x 1450

1454 x 1450

* custom measurements available

Door dimensions (width x height, mm)

940 x 2000

* custom measurements available

Gates (width x height, mm)

900 x 1300 (kai 1100 x 1400 platform)

940 x 1300

Door configuration

Swings left or right, up to 3 doors per stop

Shaft walls:

Steel or tempered glass panels

Standard colors

RAL 9006 (light grey aluminum)
* lift can be painted in any RAL color

Smooth acceleration/deceleration:

Standard equipment

Power supply:

220-230 V, 1 fazė, 16A

380-400 V 3 fazės, 10A, 50 arba 60 Hz


1.5 kW

Noise level:

Less than 55 dB

Control system

Micro controller

Technical safety equipment

Protective edge around the platform, emergency stop buttons on the platform and in the shaft, emergency stop switches, electronic speed control, overload detectors, door opening and closing control, belt release sensors, electronic motor operation control

European standard compliance:

EN 81-41:2010,
EN 81-20:2020

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